Duilipara, the last all-human settlement anywhere in Shardelon. While normally, the dragons would at least force a dragon or member of the draconic heritage to remain in any settlement as far remote as Duilipara, they accept the existence of this settlement because of the unique resources it offers and because of the possible political fallout that could occur if they took it over by force.

Duilipara is a mining settlement. Almost all the people who work in the town are soldiers, officials, or miners. A very small few operate a few shops in the local area, and there is one magic shop. Built at the edge of the Firespine Mountains, Duilipara provides a great deal of the valuable gems for Shardelon, being both the closest to the mines and the most defended of any settlement anywhere nearby. Additionally, funding from the local officials of the Gnomes Guild of Gemcutting keeps the settlement in prime condition.

Despite its commercial enterprise, Duilipara is highly fortified. Soldiers patrol any entrances at all times, and the military force there is well-trained, especially against assaults from the mountains or from draconic intruders. This is mainly because of the kobolds, which plague the mountain regions with constant raids. While many citizens of Duilipara believe that the kobolds are in league with the dragons, thus far no proof has been found.

Notable Citizens

Sir Charleton The military leader of Duilipara and a human Paladin of the local Order of Bahamut. He is a highly benevolent soul, not at all suspicious of draconic activity in the area, only concerned with the protection of the local area. While he is a respected leader, his kindness to local dragonkind is generally unappreciated by many of the powerful citizens in town.

Daniel Grofthoson Head of Duilipara’s council of elders and the eldest of their number. Because of his age (120 years), almost every citizen of Duilipara respects his wisdom and advice. He himself has no opinion on the events of the region and only cares for the preservation of Duilipara and the safety of its citizens. He is a strong supporter of human rights in Shardelon, and a vocal member of society both inside his position in Duilipara and outside of it.

Percival Lawrence Member of Duilipara’s council of elders, third eldest of their member. A smart and shrewd individual and representative of the merchant guilds in Duilipara, Percival holds strong influence in town. He has a hand in almost all commerce that occurs in town, though he does not hold strict control over any of the businesses. He believes the rumors of dragonic influence openly and constantly tries to bring the town to declare true war against the kobolds.

Karl Salsbark World-renowned retired dragon slayer. He harbors no hatred for dragons as a race, simply for the dragons that hunted and destroyed his homeland. While he does not hold much political influence in town, many respect him and the council does ask for his advice in most matters involving dragons. His experiences lead him to tell many a story, and every year in the third month he will gather children in his inn, The Slayer’s Inn, to tell stories about his past. Dragons all over Shardelon still respect his abilities.

Notable Locations

The Slayer’s Inn The most well-known tavern and inn in Duilipara, mainly because of its owner, Karl Salsbark. Offers rooms for relatively cheap (5 sp a night, first night free if you buy at least 3 glasses of ale) and fine ale from the Dwarven lands to any and all who pay. Also the best kept of any human-run inn located anywhere. Karl also offers some magical equipment, though his prices are usually quite high.

Duilipara Town Hall Used as a simple meeting place when the council of elders is not in session, the Duilipara Town Hall was build a century ago and stands as a testament to Duilipara and its constant survival despite the environment it was built in.

Back Door Traders Despite their name, an official chain operating under grant from the National Guild of Magical Commerce. Sells common magic items, though sometimes it may take a few days to receive shipments. Also sells some common, nonmagical items, though usually not at base market price.


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