Session 1: An Encounter with Kobolds

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After an introduction of the characters and a quick world introduction (and some technical difficulties), the game began in earnest.

Several of the party members arrived in town on their own, but with some work from Reuben, the Druid and party healer, the group put themselves together and set out into the mountains to find the Temple of Tiamat, rumored to be infested.

The entry chamber was extravagant, containing a great fountain to Tiamat and an altar, along with runes coating the wall. Through some searching, Sevan the Golden Soldier and Dragonborn Knight, and Shamil, a gnome Beguiler of varying identities, located a wooden plank which described that they should “follow the dwarves”. Luckily, Dardew, the Dwarven Fighter, could read the runes and deciphered, along with help from a successful Knowledge (Religion) check from Reuben, that the blood of a dragon was required to gain entry. Sevan offered a small bit of his blood to open the secret door beyond and the party proceeded into the dungeon.

In the next room down, the party located a secret trap door which was, unfortunately, locked. Through the next door, however, they encountered far more than a simple door.

Kobolds leaped out and attacked the party, surprising them from the darkness with a volley of sling stones. Once they had moved, the Druid cast Produce Flame and immolated one of the foes while his pet wolf attempted to run across the room to strike at a foe. Unfortunately, a pit seemed to bar the path, but the wolf was deft enough to avoid falling into the pit. The pit did prevent easy melee attacking, however, and Dardew was forced to run around the pit to get close to an enemy target and be unable to attack in his next turn. The Kobolds then unleased another volley of stones. As the party mages stepped to the plate, Shamil cast a spell that put a third of the enemies to sleep for the rest of the battle, and Paero, the party Sorcerer with Red Dragon heritage, unleashed a Magic Missile on a nearby foe, dispatching him. Wilson, the party Bard, began to inspire courage in his allies, and finally Sevan, who rolled a total initiative of 0, moved to strike at a nearby kobold but missed with his slash.

After that round, the kobolds continued to batter the party with stones and spears while the damage dealers smacked foes around and the various spellcasters attempted to support the party with Daze and healing spells. A few kobolds and two priests heard the commotion and joined the battle, but just as with the other foes they were dispatched in time. A lucky critical hit on Wilson the bard almost dealt enough damage to knock him unconscious, but it was not to be, and the bard remained standing long enough to get off a shot and kill one of the remaining foes.

With the foes defeated, the party, now armed with a great deal more experience than before, prepared to loot the bodies as the session came to a close…


Thanks for including my 0 initiative. Really appreciate it. Stupid die-roller.


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